Thanksgiving & taco wheel

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front wheel taco bike

this….this is what bikes should not look like

Where to begin…

Well, turns out there was a series of unfortunate events which ultimately lead to the tacoing of my front wheel. If you’re unfamiliar with the term… just… just use your imagination.

Anyways, lessons learned: don’t cruise in the park at night without a front light, don’t crash into invisible nighttime holes, don’t remove vital parts from your cycle, don’t let your dear brother ride off on your now death-trap-bicycle-thing, and don’t DON’T don’t hide your ratboy in a pannier and forget where you put him five minutes later in the midst of all the crash hub-bub.

BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: everything worked out okay in the end, so no worries. Except that the Stinks now know the deep depths of my stupidity. Oh well, it was bound to come out sooner or later.

In other good news, it was Thanksgiving! I was feeling very thankful that no serious harm was done during The Great Wheel Tacoing Event of 2014. Stink even fixed up my cycle good as new on Thanksgiving night, so I am once again free to ride and be a danger to the public.

Stink surveys the damage with deep disappointment radiating from her soul

Stink surveys the damage with deep disappointment radiating from her soul

In more other news, I’m up in Bellingham, Washington for the week with my good friend/(brother?) Timmy. I brought along a few of our highly professional definitely very centered & accurate non-business cards to spread around up here.

precut Within Biking Distance business cards

some Within Biking Distance non-business cards,looking all profesh, before cutting…

I can’t think of any other pressing news, so I’ll leave it off here. I hope all you lovely people had equally lovely Thanksgivings.  Till next time, be safe & ride freeeeeee!

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