AMHF Spotlight

As many of you know, Watsi provides a platform for potential donors to connect with people around the world that are in need of low-cost, high-impact healthcare but can’t afford it by themselves.  Donors can veiw patients on the Watsi website and donate money toward their medical needs. Once enough funds are donated, the patient receives his or her medical treatment through one of Watsi’s trusted and carefully selected medical partners. Watsi currently has 17 medical partners around the world:

African Mission Healthcare Foundation
Burma Border Projects
Children’s Surgical Centre
CURE International
Edna Adan Hospital
Floating Doctors
Haiti Cardiac Alliance
Hope for West Africa Foundation Inc.
International Care Ministries
Lwala Community Alliance
Project Medishare
Project Muso Ladamunen
The Kellerman Fountation
World Altering Medicine
Wuqu’ Kawoq Maya Health Alliance



Today, I want to put the spotlight on the African Mission Healthcare Foundation. AMHF is an organization dedicated to operational and financial transparency, as well as providing quality healthcare for patients. It is currently supporting a collection of mission hospitals, rehab centers and clinics throughout Africa, mainly in Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. AMHF also provides support for several programs that teach and train future doctors and nurses. Donors, through Watsi, have successfully funded medical care for over 830 patients at AMHF medical facilities.

Follow AMHF on Twitter, or visit their blog by clicking the image above.



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