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Gifts cards! Give the gift of a gift!

Watsi gift cards are now available!


Super simple stuff: Purchase a gift card for $5 or more. Give it to a friend, relative, enemy, whoever. They then pick out a patient on the Watsi site to donate the gift amount to and get a update (with photos!) on that patient once treatment has been completed.

This is one seriously great birthday, holiday, randomday kind of a gift to give.

Enter the site through if you want your donation tracked in our campaign. If not, that’s cool too. We just want you folks to help folks. 🙂

Give a little time

This little guy, Samir, was one of the first patients I wrote a profile for. His bio and picture were then uploaded to the Watsi site, where his treatment was soon funded by people like you. Check out his profile here

They say time is money, and since many folks don’t have spare cash, donating your time can be a great alternative when trying to do your part for the world.

One simple way to help people through Watsi (even if you’ve got an empty wallet) is to volunteer your time to be a patient profile writer. Each patient featured on Watsi has a short bio about them and why they need medical treatment funded. These little profiles are written by Watsi Storytelling Volunteers, using information straight from the medical partner.

If you’ve got a bit of spare time during your week (no matter the time of day), you could become a Watsi Storytelling Volunteer as well. Check out the opportunities here, or get ahold of Watsi’s Volunteer Coordinator by emailing

Likewise, if you haven’t got much spare time, but do have the funds, donating even as little as five dollars can really make a difference in these people’s lives. Go to to view patients and send a donation for folks currently in need.

Watsi turns two today!

Watsi is turning two today!


the team has good reasons to celebrate – check them out here

They’re celebrating the event by making every patient on the site only $50 away from being fully funded! For the next two days, even a small $5 donation can make a person in need that much closer to getting the healthcare they need. Go to and view all the folks who are currently only $50 away from having their needed procedure fully funded.

Also, you should check out their blog post all about the great progress they’ve made in these two years.

Happy birthday and may there be many more to come!

Watsi campaign page is a go

Hey folks!

Good news! Our Watsi campaign page is now up & running! Go to to check it out! If you open the site using that link, your donation will be tracked as part of our Watsi campaign. You can view all of the patients who currently are in need & each donation directly funds their healthcare. Also, you’ll always get an update on the patient once treatment is complete. So, be sure get clickin’ & check it out.


you can start funding treatments for folks like Chilo here

view his profile