So, the day has finally arrived. We’ve got our bags packed, beefy’s house is complete, and we’re freaking scrambling our brains doing this that and the other thing an hour before we hit the road.


this is like, us all, right now. two seconds before we leave


Tommy’s; represent, yo.


We’ve been so super incredibly crazy insanely busy, that I don’t even know what to say right now, but, give us some time and I’m sure we’ll find words to describe these nerve-racking ecstatic feelings.


On Saturday, Stink graduated with a double major from George Fox University (she REAL smart). One Sunday, I had a farewell gathering with family and friends. Monday, I finished moving out of Momma Sue’s house. On Tuesday, Stink & I met up at her house, packed up our cycles, and rode out to her final youth group meeting in Carlton. The sun was shining, the road was gently rolling, and many songs were sung in Beef’s honor (foreshadowing of many more to come). Wednesday, I… I can’t even think of what we did Wednesday. A trip to Lowe’s… saying goodbye to folk around town… going to Tommy’s to get new chains, spare tubes, and spokes, but then Pat wouldn’t let us pay, because he’s tooo nice. Thanks Pat & Ben! You rock! One last ice cream at Serendipity, deodorant purchasing, saying farewell to Master Gardeners, among many other things. Thursday… Thursday was even crazier. Stink put on the new chains, wheels, sured up all the bolts, bits, and bops on the bikes. She a good lady. I finished building up the Beef box, too. Stink’s parents got her a crazy great guitar as a graduation gift, and we all went out for yummy dinners. We ran at 11 pm to get the final snacks and foods and rushed home to try to finish up & get to bed before midnight (was not accomplished). This morning has been super hectic too. AHH! As you can maybe tell from this scatterbrained blug post. My brother Derto came over early this morning before works to  say goodbye too. Annnd now, it’s really time to go, so I’m signing off!



early morning brother. lovelove



stink jams. she gunna miss new guitar…

We also want to say a big thank you to the Sanderlins, the Millers, and Kathy Gillespie for their generous gifts of tour funds for foods & bits. SO SO NICE OF YOU GUYS.

Okay, I seriously need to leave, like right now.


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