Moving Right Along

Holy Crow, its November! I don’t know about you, but this year has snuck up on me. The Willamette Valley is a magical place where spring and fall happen at the same time—at least, after a long, hot, dry summer the fields are green again. In other words, it’s raining here. A lot. And while the fields are coming back to life, that definite crispy-cold edge to my morning commute is starting to set in. October was quite busy for Lizzy and me, but I believe I can speak for the two of us when I say it was a good kind of busy. Both of us moved last month, and we got a lot of nobody-cares-behind-the-scenes tour stuff done—such as: figuring out the WBD logo(s); staying up until 3:30 in the morning working out the grammar in our sponsorship requests; mailing out said sponsorship requests; fudging around with budget ideas; setting up the WBD instagram; pretending not to notice that damp, chill air outside when we imagine where we are going to be on our bikes a year from now; and a whole slew of church/work/family/school commitments.

What a month! We certainly appreciate all of the prayers and support we are receiving from all of you out there. Planning something like this is certainly a first for the both of us and it most certainly has its challenges, but it has been an extremely fun and rewarding process. We should have some time next month to review the route (once again!) and start our official six moth countdown. Stay posted, bear with us, and spread the word!

I also wanted to give a little shout out to GearBox Studios in McMinnville who generously donated postage and internet access to WBD. . . maybe without even knowing it!

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