Hello world!

<center>Haley (left) & Lizzy (right) cut us some slack, we're awkward at pictures...</center>

haley (left) & lizzy (right)
cut us some slack, we’re awkward at pictures…

Hi. We’re are Haley & Lizzy, just a couple gals who pretty much love riding our bicycles.

This blog is about our upcoming mega-tour. Our journey will begin May of 2015, and we will be riding throughout the states, hitting all but Alaska & Hawaii (darn that pesky ocean). Along the way, we hope to form deep connections with the people and land around us.

Haley &  I will be adding more here on the blog as our departure date nears, with weekly (if not daily) updates from the road once our adventure begins. Also check out our Facebook page here. Also, also, feel free to shoot us an email at within.biking.distance@gmail.com


yay, watsi!

Also, also, also, probably most importantly, we’ve teamed up with an organization called Watsi. It’s purpose is to provide low-cost, high-impact healthcare for people across the globe though crowd funding. What this means is that anyone can log on to their site, view patients who currently in need, and donate as little as five dollars to help turn their life around.

One of the reasons we’ve chosen to partner with Watsi is because they are incredibly upfront about what happens with the money. You can view the logs and receipts of payments made directly to  doctors, and (my personal favorite), every donor receives an email update on the patient once funds have been raised and treatment preformed.

Read more about Watsi: https://watsi.org/about

Okay, that’s all for now, & thanks for checkin’ us out.

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