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Tour Update (Holy Cow it’s May!)

  While talking to a friend the other day it finally sunk in that tour is rapidly approaching. In our last few days at home Lizzy and I are tying up some loose ends and preparing for life away from home. Both of us are in the process of moving (which is kind of funny), I’m finishing up the last two days of my undergraduate career, Lizzy is shoring up the Beef house, and we both are running through some interviews by local news sources. The McMinnville Newsregister was kind enough to give Within Biking Distance some publicity, as well as McTV’s Howie Do’in. The local radio station is planning on talking with us about Watsi this afternoon. (Hopefully we’ll have our TV interveiw up on the site within a couple of days) 

Coincidentally, Lizzy and I were both up in Bellingham last week–neither of us realized the other was going to be there. I was able to meet up with some old friends and summit Buckhorn Mountain on the Olympic Penninsula. It is good for the soul to be on top of a mountain, and I am incredibly greatful to my friend Mary for teaching me that. Mary is a linguist, mountaineer, and Tolkien fan who loves Jesus– and I love math and history and have been reading books covering the Cultural Revolution in China, and the Japaneese Fugo project. . . so you can imagine the hours of invigorating, nerdy conversation that followed us up the mountain.

Mary and her husband Ben are preparing to move to Paupa New Guinea within a year or so and work on a language preservation/Bible translation project. If you are interested in their story, you can follow their blog by clicking Here . 

Thanks for bearing with us through this countdown, it seems we’ve been saying “only a couple more weeks” for a year, but I assure you, we will actually be leaving on Friday the 8th– that’s merely 8 days! YIKES!


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Up and up.


Bigfoot crosses the water.


Mountains for days!



While up in the mountains, Mary found this mine. This is the Tubal-Cain Mine, named after Tubal-Cain the copper smith in the Bible. This was a copper mine that opened in1902. It was too far from civilization to be profitable and a few years after it opened, a landslide crushed a significant proportion of the mining operation. The miners simply walked away leaving a big ol’ mountain hole. We camped at the mouth  and explored it a bit in the morning. Fortunately no goblins came out of it in the night!