Daily Archives: April 13, 2015

April Tour Update 2


Mt. Jefferson: totally irrelevant to this post, but beautiful.


April showers bring May flowers, or so I’ve heard, but I would say April showers bring thoughts about soon-coming, soggy May bicycle tours. The roads have been a bit wet the past few days but we’ve seen worse. Enough complaining.

The calendar marks 24 days until we actually leave. At this point I have resigned myself to the idea that it will be a torrential downpour the first week of tour, and then snowing the second–that way I won’t be disappointed if my premonitions aren’t true.

Lizzy has been busy constructing a Beef House out of a mailbox, I think its coming together marvelously. It is amazing how complex a “simple” problem of on-the-road-rat-containment-systems can be. Beefy had a surgery last week (he had to wear a cone. sadface.) but he has made a full recovery and was even back at church last night. He has just been so excited about leaving he can’t contain himself! There really isn’t that much left to plan, all we need to do is wait.

I guess what I’m saying is . . . We’re really, finally, truly, seriously ready to go! (at least once the ran environment is ready. . .)