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This past Tuesday, Stink & I met up to lay out our gear and go for a short ride with loaded bikes. First, we exploded our respective biketour/camping gear stashes all over the floor.

Stink and Beef then put on their thinking caps and we started organizing our crap into the six essential categories of gear: food/cooking, toiletries, sleepstuffs, tarps/keepdrystuffs, safety/fire, and most importantly, the fun stuffs!




So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Official Within Biking Distance Mega-Tour Gear Stuffs!

First off, we have the Food/Cooking category:

food and cooking camping gear

Next, we have some toiletries:

Next up, we have the sleepstuffs!

sleeping gear for bicycle camping and touring


Furthermore, we have tarps/keeping dry stuffs:

Now we have our fire/safety stuffs:

fire and

And finally we come to a collection of some of the fun crap we’re gunna drag around for 10,000 miles:

games and fun stuff for camping and bicycle touring


After we laid out all our crap, we packed up our cycles and took the world’s shortest bicycle tour and just derped around the surrounding farmland for a bit. It also happened to be below freezing out… and we froze our tucuses off.  But it was all good & fun & I’m getting more & more stoked to get this freakshow on the road!


So, there’s your glimpse into our gear stashes. This is by no means a complete list of stuffs, as you may have noticed there were no tools, clothes, or food (beyond some soy sauce packets and airline peanuts… trust me, we are going to eat more than that).  As our departure date nears, we’ll have an update with that kind of stuff, as well as bike tech specs for all you bicycle junkies out there.

Happy new year & ride safe!


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