Daily Archives: November 21, 2014

watsi works

a doodle, because we’ve decided that we really like this whole watsi thing. 🙂

  denali.Well, my good Friend Tessa Henry gave me a wake-up call the other day when she reminded me that WBD is hitting the road in six short months. So, thanks to your prodding Tessa, we have officially created a solid stack of highly unprofessional WBD business cards! Before anyone gets too excited, I should explain this is a purely homegrown endeavor, and I will admit that we did employ my 1964 Remington 333 typewriter to type out our contact information . . . so, expect  typos. We'd really appreciate YOUR help spreading the word. If you would like a stack of your very own, limited edition business cards to dispense among friends, family, or strangers you meet on the side of the road--please send us an email and we'll get some to you. The exact mapping project is progressing nicely. I have 24 (so far) distinct sections of our route saved digitally, and Lizzy is currently working out a way to display these sections via Google maps on this website. The intention is to have a completed, but flexible route by the time we leave. Other News for November: It appears there may be a new member joining the WBD team. His name is Denali, and, yes, he is a rat. Also, Thanksgiving is coming up, thanks to . . . Abraham Lincoln. Yup, its true.