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Watsi lets anyone donate as little as $5 to fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. 100% of donations fund healthcare. Watsi is dedicated to complete transparency and operational responsibility.

Click the button above to meet patients and make a contribution for a more healthful world.

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5 thoughts on “Donate

  • Robert Cavalier

    Hi! I met 1 of your female bike riders on a Portland, OR Tri-Met bus line recently. She told me about the upcoming bike ride around the U.S.A. i’d like to suggest a bike shop in Texas to utilize if the group needs repairs, etc. The guy who started the biz is a good friend of mine from Ross, CA. His name is Adam Salladin. The biz is: Hill Country Bicycle Works. 141 West Water St., Kerrville, Texas, 78028. Their phone number is (830) 896-6864. I cannot guarantee that he or anyone there can donate any money toward your cause. I only offer the info because I’ve known the guy since about 1967. My name is Robert Cavalier. I live in Tigard, OR. I once rode on the Tecate-to-Ensendada, Mexico bike ride in the early 1980s. I completed it in 5 hours & 52 minutes. Good luck!

    • withinbikingdistance Post author

      Hi Robert!
      It was great to talk with you on the bus. I’m glad you stopped by the website to check it out. I’m adding Adam to our list of potential meet-ups on the road, if our route takes us his way. Thank you for reaching out to us like that! Ride ON!

      • Robert Cavalier

        Hi Lizzy! I admire your tenacity & willingness to help those less fortunate. The U.S.A. is a wonderful nation in that regard. We are so blessed with abundance & overall goodwill. I’m still looking for a decent job that does not require my own car or truck. Best wishes for a terrific journey!
        * Robert Cavalier ~ at the SW 10th library, downtown Portland; 4/28/15.

  • Donna Garland

    Glad to see you girls are enjoying your trip and meeting some AWESOME people to make your journey memorable. Glad to see Beef is spreading the message that pet rats rule! VERY nice that you are helping people world wide with medical needs. Just donated on your behalf for a woman needing a hysterectomy. Look us up if in OKC! Safe travels

    • withinbikingdistance Post author

      Awe, thanks Donna. I just saw that The Traveling Rat liked one of Beef’s photos on Instagram too. 🙂 He certainly is an ambassador for all rats. Awesome that you’ve donated too! Just awesomeness all around