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Mengistu is a young boy from Ethiopia who needs $1,500 so he can walk normally and live without pain.



“Mengistu is very likeable and intelligent,” says our medical partner, Ortho FOCOS (OF). “He is currently in stage 1 at a local school and dreams of becoming a doctor!”


Eight-year-old Mengistu lives in Ethiopia with his two siblings, father and step-mother. “The family lives in a two room mud house and does not have access to electricity or running water,” says OF.


Mengistu has kyphosis- an exaggerated rounding of the back. He has trouble standing straight and is developing a hunch back. He walks at a very slow pace.


For $1500, OF can correct Mengistu’s kyphosis and allow him to live without constant pain and discomfort. He is also expected to regain full mobility.


“At such a young age with such a severe deformity, this surgery will save his life,” says OF.


Let’s help make it happen!

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P.S. This kid is the cutest. The end.