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Next Adventure to the rescue!


We recently got in contact with the fine folks over at Next Adventure in Portland about possible sponsorship for our tour. We were in need of a few bits of gear (mostly cold weather wear for cycling through mountain passes & freezing our collective tucuses off). They were more than happy to help us out by donating items from their lovely used bargain basement (and I do mean lovely, I love that place). So, we stopped by this Saturday and as always, the staff was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about their stuff. If you’ve never been to Next Adventure, you should definitely check it out. I could (and do) spend hours rummaging through their huge collection of outdoor gear. This place is like the Powell’s of recreational equipment. I don’t think I can explain it any better than that.

Anyways, here’s the tour stuffs we got this weekend:


You may notice that large stack of Next Adventure bandanas. They were kind enough to offer these to us for giving out. So, we’ve got some contests planned in the works wherein you (yes, you!) will be able to have a chance win one of these bad boys. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on these giveaways.

Anyways, just wanted to give a big old shoutout to Next Adventure for being awesome. Stop by sometime & mention that we sent you and they’ll probably be like, “what are you talking about?” but that’s okay, they’re cool. 🙂

Next Adventure logo

… and a happy late New Year!

It is already 2015! I can’t believe it. When we started planning this tour a few years back it seemed like 2015 was merely a figment of future imagination, but now its here. A lot of people have wondered about the WBD planning process–myself included. All I can say is, when you have enough time you can plan anything. Whether that plan works is up to the field test, in our case that means we are going to throw a bunch of junk on our bikes and pedal off into the wilderness (more or less). If you want to take up bike touring I think you should do it. If you are the flexible type, and have the gumption, then you are a perfect candidate for a successful tour. This particular tour began back in 2012 when Lizzy, my sister Heather, and I were on biking down hwy 101 to Napa, CA. We decided that a one month tour was too short, also, we decided that we wanted to go coast to coast. From there, the 48 state idea was the logical next step, and though we initially thought we should be gone a year, I think 6-9 months is quite enough time for a solid adventure. From that summer on, I started tearing the weather maps out of the backs of USA Today newspapers and plotting potential routes on the United States map during my lunch. The tricky thing was to find a route that would efficiently hit all states and bring us home before the ice and snow. I suppose we’ll have to see how well we did. It was Lizzy that found Watsi, and we are both so glad she did. I can’t say enough how great Watsi is, and how wonderful it is to be working with them. If you haven’t visited the Watsi Website please, please, pretty please do it–right now!

In the spirit of the new year, I thought it might be fun to post a few pictures from past tours. I hope you don’t mind.


Get the gear! 2

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This past Tuesday, Stink & I met up to lay out our gear and go for a short ride with loaded bikes. First, we exploded our respective biketour/camping gear stashes all over the floor.

Stink and Beef then put on their thinking caps and we started organizing our crap into the six essential categories of gear: food/cooking, toiletries, sleepstuffs, tarps/keepdrystuffs, safety/fire, and most importantly, the fun stuffs!




So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Official Within Biking Distance Mega-Tour Gear Stuffs!

First off, we have the Food/Cooking category:

food and cooking camping gear

Next, we have some toiletries:

Next up, we have the sleepstuffs!

sleeping gear for bicycle camping and touring


Furthermore, we have tarps/keeping dry stuffs:

Now we have our fire/safety stuffs:

fire and

And finally we come to a collection of some of the fun crap we’re gunna drag around for 10,000 miles:

games and fun stuff for camping and bicycle touring


After we laid out all our crap, we packed up our cycles and took the world’s shortest bicycle tour and just derped around the surrounding farmland for a bit. It also happened to be below freezing out… and we froze our tucuses off.  But it was all good & fun & I’m getting more & more stoked to get this freakshow on the road!


So, there’s your glimpse into our gear stashes. This is by no means a complete list of stuffs, as you may have noticed there were no tools, clothes, or food (beyond some soy sauce packets and airline peanuts… trust me, we are going to eat more than that).  As our departure date nears, we’ll have an update with that kind of stuff, as well as bike tech specs for all you bicycle junkies out there.

Happy new year & ride safe!